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In order to help the band and guard programs and support all of the cadets, the booster club has several fundraisers throughout the year.  Some of these fundraisers give the cadets opportunities to earn credits towards their dues, trips and other personal band expenses.  Our goal is to have as big and therefore, as few, fundraisers as needed to keep supporting the program.

The school and directors also have fundraisers.  We do our best not to conflict with theirs.

Do you have an idea for a fundraiser?  If so, please reach out to or talk to one of the booster officers!



We take donations and sponsorships all throughout the year.  Click Here to go to the donate/sponsorship page.

Patriotic Hot Dog

Concession Stand

This is one of our largest fundraisers.  We need volunteers to work each varsity & JV home football game.  Time worked goes toward your cadet's credits.  Food handling permit is required.

High school Varsity ($15 earned per session)


High School Junior Varsity ($10 earned per session)


Junior High ($20 earned per session)

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Guys & Dolls Dance

A dance that we host around Valentines day for the elementary kids in Collinsville.

Image by lucas mendes

Burgers, Beats & Baskets

We get donations from all over the community and beyond to put together baskets for auction.  The jazz band plays and we serve food.  Tickets cost for those who are eating.

Image by the lifedance coach

Fall & Spring Flowers

We do 2 fundraisers a year with flowers.  Fall is July - August and Spring is March-April.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Summer & Winter Apparel

Summer band apparel are sold July - August and winter sold October - December

Image by Stefan Johnson


Throughout the year, local restaurants will host a fundraiser for us where we get a percentage of the proceeds made on a specific date.

September - Smitty's Garage 9/19/2023

October - Whataburger 10/17/2023

November - Charlie's Chicken  11/7/2023

Image by Roberto Nickson

Chili Dinner

On the day of the Christmas parade, we host a chili dinner!

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