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Parent's Information

Parents Information

Join the Booster Organization

Booster meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7PM at the high school band room.  

All parents are welcome to attend the booster meetings, however, in order to take part in voting and approving, you have to be paid members.  It is $10 a year per family/household! Click Here to join!  Visit the About page for more information regarding the booster organization.  


Click here to view the calendar.  This calendar is updated by Mr. Mackey and his staff on a regular basis. 

3rd Quarter Snacks

Every football game, the boosters provides water and snacks for the cadets during the 3rd quarter break.  We take donations from the parents in order to help. 

Here is an Amazon link where you can order it and it will be shipped directly to the booster officers. 

Donations purchased anywhere else and/or gift cards will also be accepted.  Just reach out to one of the booster officers to coordinate pickup or you can drop them off at the band room.  We also take gift cards so that we don't have to store as much and we can buy as we go!  Please no chocolate candy as it makes a mess!

Band Camp & Marching Practices

Band camp is the last 2 full weeks of the summer from 7AM-3PM and the Monday and Tuesday night the week that school starts from 6PM-8PM.  This is REQUIRED...NO EXCUSES other than a death in the family or a fever.  They will get a break for lunch during the full day practices.

The expectation is for the cadets to be at least 10 minutes early.  They will need plenty of water (at least a gallon jug recommended), comfortable shoes, sunglasses/hat, sunscreen and any snacks they might want when breaks are taken.

Cadet Dues

Each year, the cadets have to pay dues as set by the directors.  These will be paid directly to the band and cash or check can be given to Mr Mackey (checks payable to Collinsville Band).  ​

If you would like to pay online, please do so at this link.  Choose Crimson Cadet Band Fees and be sure your name, your cadet's name and the reason for the payment are written in the description.

Fundraisers can help offset some or all of the dues depending on the cadets participation.  

2023-2024 Fees due August 25, 2023 (fees below assumed that the $50 deposit was paid, if you didn't pay that, please add $50):

  • New Marchers - $160

  • Vet Marchers - $120

  • Guard - $200

  • Instrument Rental Fee - $75 (if using a school owned instrument)

Balances can be checked on to come on how to set that up and when it will be updated.

Cadet Credits

All cadet credits earned from a fundraiser that the booster puts on are held by the boosters until we are told by the parents to apply it to their account (then we cut a check to Mr Mackey and let him know how to apply those funds).  Anytime your cadet has credits that you would like to use for dues or a trip, etc, please send an email to Sarah Lester at letting her know how much you want to use and for what purpose so we can get the funds sent accordingly.

Helping with Pit Crew

Each time the cadets perform (halftime during a game or during a competition), there is a LOT of pit equipment that has to be pushed on and off the field and any help to do that is greatly appreciated.  


Below is the link to sign up!  Each sign up is only for that specific game or event.  During the games, depending on the location, you will be needed a few minutes before halftime and then right after the show is done.  Competition are a little different.  Signing for a competition includes helping during both preliminary and final performances as well as pushing equipment around the necessary places as they warm up.  Times will be communicated accordingly.


​The games are good practice for anyone who is going to help at competitions as competitions are timed from when everything gets on the field to when it gets off.!/showSignUp/409054daeae2aa1fa7-pitcrew

Overnight Competition Trips

Every other year, there is an out of town competition that is required (normally during the fall as it's a marching competition) - 2023-2024 is a mandatory trip year.  On the off years, there is a "fun " trip that is not required (normally during the spring).  They do perform on the fun trips.  


Cadets will be told what to wear for each event.  They will need the following clothing items for the year:

  • Uniforms & Show Specific Outfits (they will change in and out of these at the band room or on site at competitions - they won't take them home)

  • Black athletic shorts (to wear under their uniforms)

  • Khaki shorts (These will be worn with summer t-shirt at Meet the Cardinal and first few games for the band.  The guard will wear black shorts.)

  • Calf Length Black socks (NOT ankle: will need by Meet the Cardinal night)

  • Show Specific T-Shirt (Mr Mackey will care for getting these ordered)

  • Summer Band T-Shirt (they will get this at the end of summer band camp)

  • Marching shoes (Mr Mackey will care for getting these ordered)

  • Garment Bags (Needed for cadets to transport their uniforms to out of town competitions - where they stay overnight somewhere)

  • Concert black - black shirt and pants or skirt OR black dress along with black shoes 


Below are a few rules of etiquette for contests and concerts.  We want to make certain we give our band and their competitors the respect they deserve.

  • Do not talk during performances

  • Remember to applaud and recognize the hard work and skill of the visiting or competing bands.

  • For marching competitions, get to your seats early before the performance you are wanting to watch.  You will not be allowed to enter or exit the stands while a band is performing.

  • For concerts, silence all electronics and please refrain from entering or exiting your seat during a performance (if you need to step out or arrive late in the middle of a concert, please try to do it in between songs).

Senior Parents

Senior Ad in Football Program -

1/4 page is $40

1/2 page is $75

Payment due by August 16th via paypal to email or payment can be mailed to PO Box 671 Collinsville, OK 74021.

Pics/messages for the ad due to by 5PM on August 18th

Senior night for the band will be the 10/13  game since the kids will be in St Louis during the 10/27 game (which is what is indicated as senior night on the football schedule).


Tshirts - Danna Hendricks & Amy Finney

3rd Quarter Snacks/Water - Janice Linzy

Competition Food - Danna Hendricks, Amy Finney & Cindy Johnson

Homecoming Coronation

Every year, the cadets vote for the following positions in the band coronation:

King & Queen

Attendants (freshman boy & girl, sophomore boy & girl, junior boy & girl, senior boy & girl).

Here is the overview of the responsibilties for the winners.

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